Court Of Appeal Affirms Educational Institutions

Educational institutions (with the ability to distribute profits to promoters or shareholders) in Nigeria may no longer be able to enjoy income tax exemption on the basis of carrying out educational activities alone. Ability to share profits (driven by mode of registration) appears to be a prerequisite for determining public character and ultimately, tax exemption. Furthermore, the treatment

Title III—Governance of the Burmese mining and gemstone sectors retributive, and restorative measures employed by countries transitioning out of armed conflict or repressive regimes to redress legacies of atrocities and to promote long-term, sustainable peace. (5) War crime The term war crime has the meaning given the term in section 2441(c) of title 18, United States Code. 3. Findings

Environmental Impacts By Mining Activities Environmental

Mining in Bundelkhand region are mainly carried out by opencast extraction method. Open cast mining involves the removal of overburden including the valuable topsoil and plus the natural vegetative cover to meet the ore deposits. These activities are associated with harmful effects to the local environment. Mining activities are carried out in various stages, each of them involving specific


free-carried interest and state participation in mining depending on the type of minerals and the level of investment. Salient Features of the Mining Act, 2010 Royalty is now charged on the gross value of minerals, rather than net back value as before. Royalty rates are as follows: precious and base metals - 4%; diamonds and gemstones 5%; Uranium 5%; other minerals 3%. Prospecting Licenses


workers activities. Key words: process mining, email analysis, object matching, visual rep-resentation of processes, knowledge workers, artful processes, declarative work ows 1 Introduction For a long time, formal business processes (e.g., the ones of public adminis-trations, of insurance/ nancial institutions, etc.) have been the main subject of work ow related research. Informal processes, a


The Communication of the Commission entitled 'Safe operation of mining activities: a follow-up to recent mining accidents' sets out as one of its priority actions an initiative to regulate the management of waste from the extractive industries. This action is designed to complement initiatives pursuant to Directive 2003/105/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 16 December


mining activities. As regards Mining Law, in proceeding to operation, license holders need to submit "Environmental Compliance Plan" with their projects. Following this, activities carried out in licensed sitesare supervised and controlled by MENR's technical staff periodically as per project and mining working type and rules. These


The mineral resources are turned into value by means of mining activities carried out by Romanian or foreign legal persons which poses the required technical and financial capacity to whom the competent authority, the National Agency for Mineral Resources grants mining concessions, in accordance with the provisions of the law. The mining legislation covers the whole life – cycle: prospection

Sustainable Development Activities DAC

Sustainable. Development Activities By means of supreme decree n 042_2003 the Peruvians as a requirement for the development of mining activities. Through this document, it was established that the mining owners, on a voluntary bases, will carry out their activities of sustainable development in the villages of their surroundings local and regional the mining owners defined items based on the

Water Conservation and Water Demand Management Strategy

Newly established institutions with roles and responsibilities are expected to integrate WC/WDM into their activities. This document, focusing on WC/WDM for the Industry, Mining and Power Generation sector, is one of four documents comprising the Water Conservation and Water Demand Management Strategy. It should be read in conjunction with

Preliminary Accounting Results of GDP for the First

The first level of classification is basically the sectors in the Industrial Classification for National Economic Activities, and is divided into agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry and fisheries, industry, construction, wholesale and retail trade, transport, storage and post, accommodation and restaurants, finance, real estate, information transmission, software and information technology

Overview of Mining in Turkey (2015)

First published by Practical Law Company. Overview 1. Provide an overview of the recent developments in the exploration and extraction of mineral resources in your jurisdiction. Despite having a range of minerals, some significant reserves and government support for

Mexico Mining Law Reform Initiative

Minimal economic amounts may be foreseen as well as rules that a concession holder must destine towards human and sustainable development in communities where the mining activity will be carried out. Concession holders will be required to provide an annual report to the Mexican Geological Service on the social impacts caused by their activities as well as on the mitigation measures and social

"Bulldozer politics", state

The administration and coordination of the Collaborative Research Centre (SFB) 1199 – organized under the Central Project – brings together all managerial and planning activities carried out by the projects, including, among others, the weekly colloquium, the thematic working groups (each connected to a series of workshops), the SFB annual conferences, the guest researcher programme, and

The Outer Space Treaty

The Treaty was largely based on the Declaration of Legal Principles Governing the Activities of States in the Exploration and Use of Outer Space, which had been adopted by the General Assembly in its resolution 1962 (XVIII) in 1963, but added a few new provisions. The Treaty was opened for signature by the three depository Governments (the Russian Federation, the United Kingdom and the United

Mining Industry

Mining, is an important industry, and Canadians are very advanced in their mining technology, but during the mining process, there is certain level of pollution produced. The Canadian government and the mining companies have very good plans and controls toward this problem, while ensuring the smooth running of the industries, and also helping to create strong economy and employment. The world


SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT IN MINING ACTIVITIES 1. INTRODUCTION. Compliance of environmental standards is the most important tool in achieving sustainability. For a policy, program, project or plan to be sustainable, it has to take into consideration all three dimensions of sustainability such as economic growth, social equity and ecological integrity. Mining as one of activity in utilizing


organized industries—mining has an ancient and venerable history (Gregory, 1980). To understand modern mining practices,it is useful to trace the evolution of mining technology,which(as pointed out earlier in this chapter) has paralleled human evolution and the advance of civilization. Mining in its simplest form began with Paleolithic humans some 450,000 years ago,evidenced by the flint


The monitoring activities also provide information about sources of problems unrelated to mining, such as pollution from non-mining productive operations or from activities carried out by the communities themselves. Monitoring efforts do not always have a baseline for comparison, so it can be impossible to know whether there

Guidelines on Financial Guarantees and Inspections for

waste facility is carried out, it will also be obligatory for the mine operator to provide a financial guarantee (e.g., in the form of a financial deposit, including industry-sponsored mutual guarantee funds) or equivalent. It is important that the amount of the financial guarantee is sufficient to compensate costs for site rehabilitation and suitable for post closure monitoring and

Challenges and Opportunities Facing Landlocked Countries

the resource rents related to mining activities carried out in Zambia Arrange for mining companies to contribute to development of affected communities and ensure participation of stakeholders prioritise their access to business opportunities along mining value chain Drive diversification from single mining commodity as well as out of mining


Mining (except for phosphates) can be carried out by any individual or corporate entity, regardless of nationality, but under the new code, they must prove technical and financial capabilities. Licensing can take two forms: Exploration permit: Under the new code, it is valid for an initial period of 4 years and renewable for another 3 years. It

Development in Mining Technology

Doing so will improve the corporate image of the mining industries as well as benefit the global consumers. Workshops and training programs on pollution control and measurement techniques of mining activities, and development of network among mining partnership organizations should be carried out through internship and technical assistance in

Impacts of Surface Gold Mining on Land Use Systems in

18/03/2011We carried out two types of field mappings: (a) transect mapping within mining concessions, and (b) polygon mapping in farmland areas and forests. Eight transect walks, on average 1.8 km long (longest and shortest transects of 2.5 and 0.4 km, respectively), were carried out within the mining concessions. During these walks, land cover types were photo-documented and

The Practice of Mining Companies in Building Relationships

01/01/2013The conclusion of activities of mining companies in the spirit of CSR to build relationships with local communities in a situation of conducting mining operations in new territories should include the approach of NWR KARBONIA when mining was starting at "Dębiensko 1. As pointed out by a mining entrepreneur, the reopening of the mine announcement triggered concerns from Czerwionka

Baseline Assessment of Development Minerals in Jamaica

The Baseline Assessment of Development Minerals in Jamaica was carried out in the period March-June 2017 under ve key components (1-5), as set out in the terms of reference. This report presents the Final Baseline Assessment as the third deliverable of the Project. The key ndings and recommendations are presented below in this Executive Summary. Jamaica: Context for the Study As a country in

Choose your promotional activities

Topics: Service industries, The goal of marketing is to stand out and be noticed. Good marketing keeps drawing your customers' attention to your products and services. Your clearly defined, well-packaged, competitively-priced products and services are the foundation of your marketing. The newer you are in your market, the harder you have to work to attract and retain new customers. Many of

Guilds and institutions stated: "AREQUIPA SHOULD KEEP

Guilds and institutions stated: "AREQUIPA SHOULD KEEP BEING THE VENUE FOR BIG EVENTS IN THE COUNTRY" THE LATEST IN PERUMIN 34 . The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Arequipa, highlighted the importance of the region as a center of major events and its momentum for the local economy. In that sense, the next PERUMIN 34 Mining Convention was highlighted, event that has been carried out

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